What does the Future Workspace look like, Introducing Citrix IDD, XenServer vulnerability, AI screen recorders + VDI, Secure against Windows Recall and App Attach for MS AVD.

In the article What does the future workspace look like? Marius Sandbu shares his vision on the future workspace.

Eltjo van Gulik and Rody Kossen are describing the improvement on the HDX protocol called Citrix HDX Indirect Display Driver (IDD).

Citrix reported a vulnerability on Citrix XenServer/Citrix Hypervisor in CVE-2024-5661.

With MS Recall (and order AI screen recorders) Brian Madden sees an option to create the ultimate, secure, compliant and powerful desktop in the article AI Screen Recorders + VDI: The ultimate secure, compliant, & powerful desktop?

With the introduction of Windows Recall many organizations would like to disable it. In the article Securing your Windows PCs against Recall with Workspace ONE UEM is described how this can be done with Workspace One (but the basics can be used with other products).

Microsoft announced the general availability of App Attach for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop.