Windows 11 best practices, CVAD 2203 LTSR CU5, Citrix Image Management Preview, Google acquired Cameyo.

Jon Towles published a new article in his series around Windows 11 Best Practices, in this article is about advanced security.

Citrix released Cumulative Update 5 for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop (CVAD) 2203 LTSR.

In the opinion article Check Engine Light in the EUC World Claudio Rodriguez wrote down his thoughts about the (wrong) way of monitoring user experience in the End User workspace.

The Citrix Image Management functionality is in preview mode. In the article Image Management - A new way of deploying Machine Catalogs and reducing Master Image Complexity Gerhard Krenn is describing how this single master image functionality is working.

Google acquired Cameyo stepping the in the EUC space. Gabe Knuth wrote down his opinion on this acquisition in the article by acquiring Cameyo, Google fully commits to enterprise EUC.