Digital Workspace Possibilities, AppVentix Review, DaasLikeaPro State of the Union, Set-up New MS Teams on Windows 2022, XenServer vulnerabilities and VMware EUC transition.

In the article Time for a new approach to the Digital Workplace Magnar Johnson is discussing the new options to provide a Digital Workspace.

Tim Mangan is reviewing AppVentix in the article A deep look at Application Deployment with AppVentiX.

The team of DaaSlikeaPro opened their survey for the EUC State of the Union 2024/2025.

How to set-up the new Microsoft Teams is described by Thomas Koetzing in the article Procedure for setting up the new Microsoft Teams on the Windows 2022 platform.

Citrix announced two vulnerabilities in the Citrix Hypervisor/XenServer.

Some more information is provided about the transition of the VMware EUC products, from the 6h of May 2024 support is moved to the new organization, probably called Omnissa.