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News of 12 September 2022

Horizon Network Label Assignment Tool and Citrix ADC for Always on Tunnel VPN

News of 30 September 2022

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SMS Passcode 6


Getting access from any place at any time is already for years one of the key words in many organizations. To arrange that users can get to their data and applications from outside the office, normally two factor authentication is required. In the beginning this was arranged using tokens, but such solutions are pretty expensive and users don't like to carry a physical device like a token with them in their spare time. Also the tokens were lost by the employees causing security risks and the purchase of another expensive token.

In addition to the organizational and budget questions, tokens also have technical disadvantages, because the two factor code is generated based on a time period or "valid-until-used", while you only need a code when the user is logging in to the system.

When using the real-time delivery capability of the SMS service, above challenges are solved. Nowadays a person is always carrying his mobile; a mobile is not lost that easy as a token and using SMS the token is only generated when the service is being used.  SMS Passcode created by the company with the same name is the product using SMS token, which will be reviewed in this article.

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VisionApp Access Portal

Most people already know visionapp from their wonderful Freeware version software product vRD to easily connect to your Terminal Servers and/or vPMS (Platform Management Suite) to install and configure Servers and applications complying with thebasic concepts of a Terminal Server infrastructure.

Visionapp has also another third product called vAP. This stands for visionapp Access Portal. This portal makes it possible to deliver several types of applications to the end users from one access point. The portal has Multilanguage possibilities and supports several layouts and Citrix farms. In this way you can create a single point of access for several business units with their need for supported languages and using a business unit’s layout for presentation of the application.

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Citrix Secure Gateway 3

With Web Interface (WI) you can easily present your applications to users via the Internet. But only using WI is not completely secure. When the  user clicks one of the application icons normal ICA traffic (on port 1494) is started. You are right to mention that the ICA traffic can be secured, but the 128 bit encryption method used by Citrix is not the strongest one. Therefore Citrix developed Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG), now at version 3. The Citrrix Secure Gateway encapsulates all ICA traffic in a SSL bundle. SSL is still the security standard and is using port 443, which is allowed as inbound traffic on almost every infrastructure. Normally many organizations will be blocking port 1494.

Version 3 is released after Citrix Presentation Server 4. The expectation this will be the latest version of Citrix Secure Gateway, because the functionality is also available within the Citrix Access Gateway appliance. If you already using version two, not many things are changed. The new version now support Session Reliability and the STA functionality is now implemented within the Citrix Presentation Server software it selves.

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Citrix Web Interface 4

Web Interface is a free add-on on Citrix Presentation Server provided by Citrix itself. With the Web Interface the users are using a web browser to connect to the applications. Web Interface provides a web page where the available applications are showed after authentication. After selecting the application the local installed Citrix client will start the session. Together with the Presentation Server 4 Citrix also provided us with a new version of Web Interface. After some updates we now reached version 4.2.

Web Interface combined with Citrix Secure Gateway or Citrix Access Gateway can also securely provide access applications via the Internet. Also some new client features like Workspace Control are only available with Web Interface or the PNAgent (where the configuration is also stored within the Web Interface. Web Interface is beside the Windows Platform also available for (L)Unix platform.

This review will be based on the version hosted by IIS on the Windows platform.

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