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WI Analyze Centre

A few Glance at Free articles ago I already wrote about Thomas Kötzings Web Interface modifications. These modifications are changing the behavior of the default Citrix Web Interface, but Thomas also created a nice another add-on for the Web Interface answering one of the most asked questions about the usage of Web Interface: How many requests is the Web Interface server handling in a time frame?

In this Glance at Free article we are going to look how this Analyze Centre works.


Like the Web Interface modifications the installation of the Analyze Centre is adding files and modifying current files of the Web Interface installation. As normal Thomas provided with a clear step by step guide how this should be done.

The first step is to create the "wimods" directory into app_data folder within the website. In this folder another folder (wiac) needs to be created and two files needs to be added. One file is the script, while the other file will be used to collect the information.

The IUSR_<<MACHINENAME>> user needs to have modify rights on this file, so it possible to write data into this file.

There are just a few files that should be copied and the most important step is to change the include.aspfx at the location Citrix/AccessPlatfrom/app_data/site/serverscripts. Normally you can also copy the file Thomas is providing, but this time you should not do that, because you will break your Web Interface. Just carry out the steps as described in the manual.

Collecting the data

When all the files are added in the Web Inteface and the include.aspfx is modified the code is active. Every user that logs on the Web Interface after this addition (and starts a Published Application) will be logged. No other actions are needed.

Viewing the logged settings

To view the logged settings you need to log in to the Web Interface, so you are authenticated. Next you need to type in the following url http://<<FQDN>>/Citrix/AccessPlatform/site/wiac.aspx which will show you the Analyze Centre webpage. On this webpage you can select the time frame you would like to see the logged information. Possibilities are: last 12 hours, last 24 hours, last week, last month, last quarter, last 6 months and last year. When all the information is collected it is showed on the webpage with the following information: date and time, domain and user, client IP address, logon mode and the Published Application (and Folder).

All the information can be downloaded into a CSV file, so you can use the collected information for reports.



The analyze centre is nice addition for collecting and reporting information about the actions carried out within the Web Interface. As used of Thomas the description for the installation is obvious. The information collected is somewhat basic and in a case you are Published Applications it can be a bit overwhelming. The result showed on the webpage of the Analyze Centre will probably need some modification to get the information into a management report, but with the CSV import the possibility is there.