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Web Interface Modifications Part 2

1Click Modification

People are by default a bit impatient, so it often occurs that user double clicks the application icon more then once but actually just once to open it once. To prevent users by starting the application more than once in a short time the 1Click modification is available. Just like most modifications you replace two file to activate this modification. In one of the files (applist.inc) you can specify the time the icon is disappearing from a user perspective. When a user start the application the icon is disappearing and the place it was located is just empty as displayed in below print screen.



Several companies are providing the user with a Full Desktop to the Citrix Presentation Server. These kinds of implementations often publish only this Full Desktop as Published Application, but would like to use Web Interface to provide access to this Full Desktop. Logically it is a little but annoying for user clicking that Full Desktop icon if that is the only one available. This can be solved with the AutoLaunchApp modification by Citrix Consultancy Services. Also this modification replaces two files (the same as the 1Click modification) and in the file applistView.aspxf you need to specify the name for the Published Application that should be started automatically. When a user logs on into the Web Interface the session is automatically initiated. Also a refresh of the Web Interface restarts this process, so keep that in mind when you are using this modification when more published applications are available.



Also an often asked modification is the possibility to add a message to the Web Interface to inform user about maintenance tasks or current problems on the environment. This can be done with the ImpMsg modification. For this modification a complete script part need to be added to the Web Interface and again replacing or editing files. The ImpMsg modification has multi language possibilities, but you need to added more files. In the newly addes directory the text files are stored where you can enter your message for the end users. If the message is not valid anymore just remove all the text out of the file(s) and the message box won't mention any information.


By default any user available in your directory service can log on the Web Interface and starts applications (if applications are assigned to the user account). There are situations you only would like to offer the functionality to start the applications to a restricted group (for example accessing the applications outside the company). With the ResGroups modification you can control which users can log on to the Web Interface website.

ResGroups uses the same concept of ImpMsg by adding additional code via wimods directory. Also the authentication page need be added. In this file you need to specify your directory services information and when needed also a useraccount and password for accessing the directory services. The last step is to add the script structure to default.aspx to integrate the restricted groups functionality. In the wimods\grpaccess folder you will find the file called groups.aspx where you need to define the access to Web Interface. You can configure the access by allowing user groups or allow everyone except the groups defined at Groups not permitted.


When users log on which do not have access they will get a message as specified in the notpermited.aspx. The default page is very simple, but you can change it to your needs.

This modification is one of the more complex to embed, but can be very useful to add additional security to your infrastructure (without using the Citrix Access Gateway).

RealIP/Real Client Name

Web Interface in combination with the Citrix Secure Gateway uses by default an automatic generated client name and not the real IP-address of the client. There are also some situations you would like to change this behavior. This can be accomplished by RealIP or Real Client Name. Both modifications need changes to the current code. Because I don't have secure gateway I can not show you the new behavior of Web Interface, but still want to bring those modifications to your attention. Real Client Name is not available for the latest versions (4.5 / 4.6) of Web Interface.


With this part two article I want you to show which wonderful free available modifications for Web Interface are available, to address common asked issues when using Web Interface. Also this is a two part article this is just a selection of available modifications available, so check out the below mentioned resources for all modifications. This article is also tribute to all the guys who created the language files and web interface modifications and released those freely for the community.

You can find the languages files on BrianMadden.com and the most Web Interface modification on the website of Thomas Koetzing.