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CtxAdmTools Part 2


In this first article I started with describing the tools delivered by Guillermo Musemeci. This article will continue with more tools.

Dump Session Printers

This utility is also reading settings out of the Citrix Policies, but then specific for the session printer settings. Per policy the settings of the session printer are displayed. If you are using several policies with session printer, this utility can be very useful to provide you with a summary which policy is defining which printer(s).

List Hotfix

In the later versions of Citrix there is option to display the Citrix hotfixes installed on a machine basis (also viewed showing all servers in that folder). This utility displays the same information in another format. It also has the possibility to export the information to a CSV or Excel file, which can be used to invest further in the patch level of the servers.

Load Evaluator Info

This tool is showing in a graphical list the servers with their assigned load evaluator. Just like most of the other tools the information can be exported to a CSV or Excel file. There is no option to change the load evaluators like the comparable tool of CitrixTools.Net for example.


This is utility is available in a freeware and a commercial version. I must say this is pretty cool utility. The utility determines on a server basis (in the freeware version) the installed server which drivers are installed and categorized. There are three categories available: Microsoft Signed/Native, Manufacturer Driver or Unsigned Driver. It is really easy to determine where the driver is based on and can be used for troubleshooting (which can be hard sometimes). If the tool can be extended for example with a version of the driver, Citrix compatibility lists and/or experiences, this tool can be stunning. The commercial version adds the possibility to load more server at once and the possibility to export the information.



With this utility you can change the assigned driver for a printer or a set of printers. Many of the tools are based on the availability of local installed printers on the Terminal Servers. This utility is only useful if you have local printers defined and want to replace the assigned driver with another driver that is already installed on the server. Nice options are the buttons Driver Info and Printers Info that displays more information about the driver and printer.


When users are complaining that they cannot print when using Client Printer Mapping you need to search the Event Viewer in the application to find out which driver is not available (event ID 1106 Metaframe Events), which can be a tough job if the Citrix Universal Printer driver is used by default and only specific drivers will be installed if the UPD driver is not functioning. The PrintError utility is automating this task for you by displaying the missing printer drivers. This can be done on a per server basis (Search Local Server), but also on the entire Citrix Farm can be searched on missing printer drivers. The results can also be filtered based on zone name and exported to a text file.

To be continued

In a final third article, which will be published later on I will continue describing the latest tools form CtxAdmTools.

Add-on: After the release of this review Guillermo Musumeci decided to release all tools as freeware. So if mentioned that a tool is commercial this is not the case anymore.