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CtxAdmTools Part 1

As you probably already know I'm also searching for some new useful freeware tools. Lots of these tools were already described in the glance at free sections. During the search (and a reminder pointer during the PubForum 2008 Nice) I found the website CtxAdmTools of Guillermo Musemeci on which many small tools are published. In this article (series) I will show you the most useful tools mentioned on this website.

All tools are available as a setup package or a standalone tool. I would advice to use the standalone tools, because are just single executables (so an installation is not needed and only the tools is placed in a directory and a start menu shortcut is created.

CTX List Local Printers

The first tool is CTX List Local Printers. With this tool an overview can be generated which local printers, network printers and client mapped printer connections are available on the Terminal Server with some additional info at the client mapped printers (like username, client name and client IP address). The tool can create this overview for multiple servers or a single server. The output can be saved in a file, but unfortunate this is the same format it is displayed as in the GUI which makes it difficult to do additional actions. A comparable tool is List Local Printers, which have some different options for local printers only (although network printers are also showing up in my test environment).

CTX Policies Manager

This freeware utility is mainly based on the import and export scripts by Mark Elliot (which I described in this article). In comparison with those scripts the CTX Policies Manager is based on a Graphical Interface. The GUI can display the available policies (including their current status) and exporting the files to a XML as a back-up. Before restoring the policies you should check the options Apply Policy Filter and Policy Overwrite. In comparison with the scripts there is no possibility to restore one policy otherwise deleting that policy and choose Do Not Overwrite Policy If Policy Exists.


CTX Server Status

The purpose of this utility is probably pretty obvious. The tool is available as a freeware version, but there is also an extended version available which must be purchased. This commercial version adds the possibility to divide the survey in Zones and to export the information in Excel format. The freeware version scans the servers mentioned in the database of their status (online/offline), the attached load evaluator, the zone the server belongs to and the amount of sessions.  The utility gives a nice overview of the server information in a structured way.

Detect ICA Client

This utility should be run on the client and probably started by the end-user. This utility will show the current version of the ICA client. Can be useful for the helpdesk if the user cannot find the client version and the management consoles also do not mention enough information.

To be continued

In a upcoming article I will continue with describe the CtxAdmTools utilities. 

Add-on: After the release of this review Guillermo Musumeci decided to release all tools as freeware. So if mentioned that a tool is commercial this is not the case anymore.