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Controlup Logon Simulator

Controlup Logon Simulator

One the companies that really get the strength of the community are the guys of Controlup. Beside they sponsor lots of community event, shares data gathered with the community they also have several free tools in their portfolio. In this Glance at Free I’m going to take a look at the free Controlup Logon Simulator.


The Controlup Logon Simulator is at the moment only available for simulating logons to a Citrix infrastructure. The software supports both StoreFront as a NetScaler logon (no 2Factor authentication at this moment) as the entrance point for the XenApp 6.5 or XenDesktop 7.x infrastructure. The software can be installed on any machine running Windows 7 or higher. For the installation administrator access are required, software prerequisites are .Net Framework 4.6.1 and Citrix Receiver 4.x. The user running the software should be a non-local administrator on the machine.

The installation itself is really easy, just choosing the installation location and that’s it.

After the installation, a shortcut in the start menu is available and after accepting the EULA you are ready to configure the logon simulator.


The configuration is saved in a XML file and can be configured via the Logon Simulator GUI. You need to specify the NetScaler Gateway or Citrix StoreFront address. For Citrix StoreFront you need to use the URL of the Store, not the Receiver for Web URL. You can specify the name of the specific resource you would like to set-up the Citrix session to. A nice feature is the possibility to specify a * and the tool would randomly pick one of the available resources available. Logically you should be careful as it’s randomly picks a connection, so you need to be sure that the resource is actually useable. Next you specify the username, password and (optional) the domain used for starting the session. At last you can specify the time between the session start and the session will be logged off again, followed by the possibility to repeat the process in a specified timeframe. The configuration need to be saved (will be stored in .XML file). You can create more configuration, each in a separate configuration file. You can use one configuration file in the console, however you can start multiple GUIs each with their own loaded configuration file.

The tool can also be started from the command line specifying the configuration file, so you can create a scheduled task (at start-up of the machine). Controlup is working on creating a service based on the logon simulator, which would in my opinion a nice solution.

Logon Simulator in action

When you save set-up the configuration you can start the actual simulation. Within the GUI several panes are available showing information about the logon simulations.

In the main pane during a simulation you will see the actual session running, while above the success and failed results are shown. On the Summary tab you will see which of the test failed or succeeded, selecting a specific test show the details in pane below. There is also two panes Test Details and Test which show more information about the last test run of the rest currently running. I think you will probably use these panes mostly in case of troubleshooting.

The results are also “translated” to eventlog messages. So if you have a monitoring system in place (which can read eventviewer) you can set-up alerting based on those events if wanted.

If you have Controlup monitoring in place you can logically integrate the Logon Simulator with the monitoring product.


The Controlup Logon Simulator is a wonderful free software product, which in my opinion every Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop should use to check if the environment is running as it should be. The tool is easy to install and configure, it just a couple of minutes and you are good to go. Because the software is adding event viewer messages you can add the software as an resource of your monitor / alerting solution.