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CitrixTools.Net Part 1

A few months ago I got an e-mail from Pierre Marmigon that he released a new website related to Server Based Computing. The website started with a good article and corresponding tool to configure these settings described in the article to your need. The weeks after that e-mail, the website was filed with lots of freeware tools for Citrix Presentation Server/XenApp. In this glance at free article I will demonstrate you these tools available for download from CitrixTools.Net. 

XenApp App Manager 


The first tool I present to you is the XenApp App Manager. The Citrix XenApp Manager (notice that all the tools are already named to the new Citrix Presentation Server name XenApp) can be used to quickly change the properties of the Published Applications. Display settings, PN settings, add/remove user(groups) and several other often used settings can be changed per application or for multiple applications at once.


The tool works fine, with a nice progress bar when changing the settings in the Citrix datastore. The only downside is when you would like to remove users/groups the available groups are not displayed in the tool (in my test environment), so you should know which groups you would like to remove. Usefull is the button server management which brings you to the second tool automatically (if this is also installed logically) to add/remove applications to servers quickly.

XenApp Fast Publishing 

This tool to add/remove published applications quickly is called XenApp Fast Publishing. This name is exactly the description what the tool does. You select one or more published applications on the left side and the server(s) you would to remove from or add to this application/these applications. Just like the App Manager the tool does not display the current servers the application is published on, but this is less important through my eyes in this tool (because you know which server you added or want to remove from the farm).


XenApp Seamless Flag Configurator

To run the application Seamless on the desktop of the end user Citrix is using several settings to accomplish that. Some applications cannot handle those settings and will not function properly. With registry configuration you can tweak (on a per server base) those so called Seamless Flags. With the XenApps Seamless Flag Configuration the configuration of these settings will be simplified. The tool enumerates all these available seamless flag settings. Just check the options you would like to set, select the server(s) on which those settings should be applied and the seamless flags are set.


XenApp Session Monitor

The XenApp Session Monitor gives an overview of the sessions running on your Citrix servers. Beside the amount of sessions running per server, it also shows: the total amount of sessions, the average of sessions per server, total active session, total disconnected sessions and the difference comparing with average sessions with the sessions running on the server. Also a filter can be applied so only active or disconnected sessions are counted.


XenApp Universal Printer Driver Tuner

This tool belongs to the article I was mentioning at the introduction. In other words this was the first utility available on CitrixTools.Net. You definite need to read the article about the optimization of the Universal Printer Driver of Citrix. These settings and the default PrinterFlags are all reflected in the Universal Printer Driver Tuner utility. By selecting the desired these can be applied to one or more servers. One disadvantage of the tool is that is does show scroll bars, so on smaller screens you will not find the button to apply the settings.



I will continue describing more CitrixTools.Net tools in a second upcoming article.