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App-V Tools Part 5

With the major adaption of application virtualization and especially App-V (formerly known as SoftGrid) also the amount of freeware tools is still expanding. In this fifth article I will discuss new freeware utilities for App-V. The article discusses App-V PkgView and Batch .

App-V PkgView

When  a user changes setting in App-V virtualized applications, those settings are written in a .pgk file (be default stored in the userprofile directory). Unfortunate those .pkg files are stored in specific format, which is unreadable by default programs/utilities. However when performing trouble shooting tasks the settings stored in the file could be useful. Now Tim Mangan released a utility that shows the information within the .pkg file.  After a small installation you need to specify the SFT file and the corresponding PKG file. After analyzing both files the results are displayed. You need to have some knowledge about the internals of App-V to understand all results. Most useful is the registry component, which shows exactly where the registry setting is located (and even if it's changed from the default setting out of the SFT file).


Batch+ Free Edition

Batch+ Free edition is small utility which is available in their product (which is in beta currently) OSD+. The utility is delivered as a small installation MSI file and can be installed on any system (no App-V infrastructure required). The utility allows adding all 64bit platforms to the OSD file as supported operating system. It's a pity that only 64bit Operating Systems can be added, because many organizations will also need to add another Operating Systems like Windows 7 32bit in the near future.


You can select several content shares at the left. The next step is to select the operating systems, which need to be added to OSD files. By pressing the Run button the lines are added to the operating system (while the other already configured operating systems are not changed).


PkgView will probably be added to the administrators default utilities to troubleshoot virtualized App-V applications. It's good to see that finally it's possible to check the settings stored in the PKG. The next step would be a utility that also makes it possible to change or delete specific settings.

The Batch+ Free Edition can be useful if you configured the operating system settings and a 64 bit platform should be added. It's a pity that other 32 bit platforms are not available in this utility, so when you configured this part you should add for example Windows 7 one by one (to solve this you can delete all setting in this part, so the operating system is not checked during startup of the application).


Batch+ FreeEdition