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E2E VC Berlin 2022 Day 2

After the sessions on the first day we had a dinner together at the event location and after that I  [ ... ]

E2E VC Berlin 2022 Day 1

From Friday the 10th of June till Sunday the 12th of June E2EVC Berlin was taken place. My first in- [ ... ]

News of 15 June 2022

FSLogix Containers Cleanup Script, Virtual Expo 2022-03 sessions and Secure Remote Access in 2022.

News of 21 June 2022

Microsoft Teams on VDI enhanced, Windows 365 unified experience and Active Remote in Windows 11/Serv [ ... ]

News of 8 November 2022

Elastic Stack for Citrix Admins Logging, Making CloudDriveMapper look cool and Citrix Gateway / ADC vulnerabilities.

In the article Elastic Stack for Citrix Admins - Logging Patrick Matula is explaining how Elastic Stack can be used for Citrix Logging analysis.

James Rankin wrote down how to use OneDrive CloudDriverMapper while still offering a kind of shortcut instead of a mapped drive letter.

Citrix announced several vulnerabilities in Citrix Gateway and Citrix ADC.