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DuCUG 2019-02

Our second 2019 event  (DuCUG 2019-02, now also known as event #17) held at the Sta@rt near the [ ... ]

News of 24 July 2019

Citrix Cloud Connector 101, Citrix Auto download scripts and VMware Labs Flings.

News of 30 July 2019

FSLogix Profile Compacting Tool and Preview WVD Pricing

News of 7 August 2019

Citrix APIs for Cloud Services, Workspace App 1908 for HTML5 and Agenda VirtualExpo

News of 8 January 2019

Synthetic Logon Monitoring and Citrix Printing update.

Although there are more solutions available like ControlUp Logon Simulator George Spiers comparted two other solutions: Citrix Director and eG Enterprise Logon Simulator in the article analyzing two approaches to Synthetic Monitoring: App Probing vs Logon Simulation.

In the article What happened with Citrix Printing throughout 2018 Bas van Kaam summarizes the updates on Citrix Printing in 2018 and his thoughts about the near future in 2019 on this topic.