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DuCUG 2019-02

Our second 2019 event  (DuCUG 2019-02, now also known as event #17) held at the Sta@rt near the [ ... ]

News of 25 June 2019

Free SSL certificates with scripted implementation, CVAD 1906 bandwidth/utilization tests and PowerS [ ... ]

News of 20 June 2019

Manage EU-V on the Modern Desktop, To use or not to use Citrix Gateway Service, Parallels RAS 17 rel [ ... ]

News of 18 Juni 2019

CVAD 1906, Citrix Managed Desktops Service Overview and ControlUp Review

News of 5 December 2016

Citrix antivirus recommendations, deploy VMware Access Point with PowerShell and Citrix Quicklaunch 4.0.  

Citrix updated their anti-virus exceptions recommendations as described the article Citrix recommended antivirus exclusions.

In the article Deploying VMware Access Point with PowerShell Rob Beekmans describes the steps to install the VMware Access Point based on PowerShell commands.

A new version of Citrix Quicklaunch is released (version 4.) which bring support for XenDesktop 7.5 and higher.