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Using a webcam within a Citrix session

With the COVID-19 crisis the use of video meeting “products” became even more important than it  [ ... ]

News of 3 April 2020

XenAppBlog VirtualExpo 2020 recordings available and Be successful with DaaS.

News of 8 April 2020

Troubleshoot PVS /w Citrix Cloud Director, User GPO don’t apply /w FSLogix Profile Container and C [ ... ]

News of 15 April 2020

VMworld 2020 will be virtual, Review UberAgent, CVAD overview and Citrix Admin’s Guide to WVD.

News of 4 August 2020

MSIX AppAttach Performance and WVD Optimization Tool.

Tim Mangan has tested the performance impact of MSIX AppAttach compared with versus App-V and MSIX packages.

An on-official/community tool is released by MS employees Robert M Smith and Tim Muessig (formerly known as VDIGuys) for optimizing the (WVD) Virtual Desktop called Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool.