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DuCUG 2019-02

Our second 2019 event  (DuCUG 2019-02, now also known as event #17) held at the Sta@rt near the [ ... ]

News of 7 August 2019

Citrix APIs for Cloud Services, Workspace App 1908 for HTML5 and Agenda VirtualExpo

News of 8 August 2019

Version 1.2.241 Windows Virtual Desktop Client released and use Samsung DeX with Windows Virtual Des [ ... ]

News of 9 August 2019

GA date Citrix Managed Desktops/Windows Virtual Desktop and VMware Identity Manager renamed.

News of 29 May 2019

Win 1903 Resource Utilization and Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility.



Daniel Feller tested and compares the Windows 10 1903 release with earlier releases in the article Windows 10 Resource Utilization.

In the article Free tool to hot-migrate VMs from one vCenter server to another Vldan Seget is describing a walk-through of the Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility.