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News of 26 January 2022

Why do Daas – Security and Analyze/Optimize Logon Duration

DuCUG 2022-1

As all COVID restrictions are lifted in the Netherlands we as the DuCUG Steering Committee could fin [ ... ]

News of 31 January 2022

Citrix acquired to go private and Teams Optimization in Citrix Workspace app for HTML5.

News of 10 February 2022

Citrix Rendezvous V2 and Windows 365 February updates

News of 21 June 2022

Microsoft Teams on VDI enhanced, Windows 365 unified experience and Active Remote in Windows 11/Server 2022.

Sadaf Badar has published the enhancements for Teams on VDI in the article Microsoft Teams on VDI gets more features for calls and meetings.

In the article Windows 365 unified experience (endpoint + cloud pc) desktop-client Juan Sifuentes is describing how you can configure one look and feel for both devices using Windows Endpoint Manager.

Although it is not much changed in comparison with previous versions the article Active Remote Desktop in Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 is a handy overview how to active Remote Desktop using the GUI, WAS, WMI or GPO).