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News of 13 January 2020

Summarize of CVE-2019-19781, First Impression User Personalization Layer and Citrix Performance Anal [ ... ]

News of 24 January 2020

Interview with Citrix CISO, Fixes for Citrix ADC for 12.1/13.0, Vertical or Horizontal Load Balancin [ ... ]

News of 23 January 2020

SD-WAN CVE-2019-19781 Updates available and Forensic tool for CVE-2019-19781

News of 15 January 2020

VMware App Volumes 4 released and HNMatchAppvConnectionGroups Tool

News of 20 May 2020

Deep dive Citrix glyphdetection algorithm and Brokering On-Premises Workload with Azure WVD.

Eltjo van Gulik researched the impact of the Citrix glyphdetection algorithm in CVAD.

In the article Brokering On-Premises Workloads with Azure WVD Claudio Rodriguez describes how you can use Azure WVD for brokering your on-premises servers. Big remark: although this is technically possible, Microsoft is not allowing this as a supported/allowed configuration.