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News of 13 January 2020

Summarize of CVE-2019-19781, First Impression User Personalization Layer and Citrix Performance Anal [ ... ]

News of 24 January 2020

Interview with Citrix CISO, Fixes for Citrix ADC for 12.1/13.0, Vertical or Horizontal Load Balancin [ ... ]

News of 23 January 2020

SD-WAN CVE-2019-19781 Updates available and Forensic tool for CVE-2019-19781

News of 15 January 2020

VMware App Volumes 4 released and HNMatchAppvConnectionGroups Tool

News of 2 June 2020

MS Teams optimization for WVD, UberAgent explored part 3, Custom WVD Image Management with SIG and Basics of VMware Horizon 7.12.

Microsoft has released a public preview of MS Teams Optimizations for Windows Virtual Desktop. Both the article Learn how to install and configure Microsoft Teams with AV Redirection media optimizations on Windows Virtual Desktop by Christiaan Brinkhoff as How to install and configure Microsoft Teams (Public Preview) for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) by Robin Hobo are describing how to set-up Teams within WVD.

James Ranking published part of 3 of his article series UberAgent Explored.

In the article Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) – Image Management: How to manage and deploy custom images (including versioning) with the Azure Shared Image Gallery (SIG) Robin Hobo is describing how to use SIG for custom WVD images.

Carl Webster is publishing an article series called Learning the basics of VMware Horizon 7.12. Part 1 and 2 are currently published, the other will following the upcoming weeks.