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News of 22 December 2020

Potentially DDOS attack Citrix Gateway, QoS settings are not applying on Citrix or RDS and WVD Migra [ ... ]

News of 4 January 2021

Extend Adobe Flash Player EOL, Solution for Citrix ADC DTLS DDOS Attacks and new version Citrix Quic [ ... ]

News of 11 January 2021

VMware Horizon version 2012 released and RDP ShortPath for WVD.

The Challenges of running Citrix Linux VDAs

It does not look that long however the first version of the Linux VDA is already released almost six [ ... ]

News of 14 October 2020

WVD Properties Explained, FSLogix Registry Redirection, Using Windows Hello /w WVD and Image Build with Packer.

Michel Roth was pointing me to the article Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) properties explained by Patrick Köhler.

In the article FSLogix Registry Redirection (HKLM to HKCU), or “how to turn Computer Config GPOs into User Config GPOs” James Rankin is explaining the FSLogix Registry Redirection option.

Jason Samuel published the article in which he described how to use Windows Hello FIDO2 capability with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) among other things.

As Infrastructure as Code becomes more and more used also more articles around this topic with Windows become available. Now Wouter Kursten has published how he build his Windows 10 Golden Image with Packer.