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News of 4 December 2019

Page File sizing tests and Citrix enhancements on the AWS platform.

News of 3 December 2019

Citrix Workspace App 1911 released, Citrix VDA version breakdown and What’s new Citrix Workspace

News of 9 December 2019

MSIX App Attach script, RD Analyzer 1911 and progress of Nutanix Xi Frame.

News of 31 December 2019

Citrix Network Location Service, BISF 7 1912 released and Citrix NetScaler vulnerability.

News of 11 December 2018

What’s New in App Layering 4 1812, Citrix Networking SSL/TLS Best Practices and E2EVC Athens videos.


Citrix just released App Layering 4 1812, check the enhancements in the article what’s new in App Layering 4 1812.

On the Citrix Tech Zone a new article by Jake Rutski and Steven Wright is posted providing Citrix Networking SSL/TLS Best Practices for Citrix ADC (formerly known as Citrix NetScaler).

The videos of the presentations of E2EVC Athens are currently uploaded and available for everyone.