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Using a webcam within a Citrix session

With the COVID-19 crisis the use of video meeting “products” became even more important than it  [ ... ]

News of 3 April 2020

XenAppBlog VirtualExpo 2020 recordings available and Be successful with DaaS.

News of 8 April 2020

Troubleshoot PVS /w Citrix Cloud Director, User GPO don’t apply /w FSLogix Profile Container and C [ ... ]

News of 15 April 2020

VMworld 2020 will be virtual, Review UberAgent, CVAD overview and Citrix Admin’s Guide to WVD.

News of 11 August 2020

Automated Configuration Tool, MSIX AppAttach Launch Times and Migrating CVAD from vSphere to MS Azure.

Citrix released a new tool called Automated Configuration Tool as Proof of Concept. The tool can be used to migrate from on-premises CVAD site(s) to CVAD service (Cloud).

Tim Mangan is continuing explaining his test result, this time he is discussing the MSIX AppAttach Launch Times.

Based on real experiences a guide is publishing describing how to migrate CVAD from VMware vSphere to CVAD services on MS Azure.