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For one of my customers we were optimizing actions, configurations and connections between the datac [ ... ]

News of 4 November 2020

What’s new Citrix Workspace October 2020, Performance Value of Memory Compression in Citrix CVAD a [ ... ]

News of 30 October 2020

Automated Configuration for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Workspace App 2010 for Mac and  [ ... ]

News of 28 October 2020

Security issues in Citrix Hypervisor, Protection Against Ransomware Attacks and updated WVD Client.  [ ... ]

News of 11 August 2020

Automated Configuration Tool, MSIX AppAttach Launch Times and Migrating CVAD from vSphere to MS Azure.

Citrix released a new tool called Automated Configuration Tool as Proof of Concept. The tool can be used to migrate from on-premises CVAD site(s) to CVAD service (Cloud).

Tim Mangan is continuing explaining his test result, this time he is discussing the MSIX AppAttach Launch Times.

Based on real experiences a guide is publishing describing how to migrate CVAD from VMware vSphere to CVAD services on MS Azure.