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News of 26 January 2022

Why do Daas – Security and Analyze/Optimize Logon Duration

News of 9 December 2021

Creating VMware Horizon Desktop Pools with PowerShell and AVD Deployment DR considerations.

News of 29 November 2021

Deploy AVD with Terraform and Ultimate guide to Windows logon time optimizations

News of 31 January 2022

Citrix acquired to go private and Teams Optimization in Citrix Workspace app for HTML5.

News of 10 February 2022

Citrix Rendezvous V2 and Windows 365 February updates

Citrix released Rendezvous V2 for the Citrix Gateway Service allowing VDAs to bypass the Citrix Cloud Connectors to connect directly and securely with the Citrix Cloud control plane.

The Windows 365 Enterprise February 2022 updates are Localized first-run experience and Azure AD join Windows 365 Cloud PC support (no existing Azure infrastructure to use the service).