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News of 22 December 2020

Potentially DDOS attack Citrix Gateway, QoS settings are not applying on Citrix or RDS and WVD Migra [ ... ]

News of 24 November 2020

Project Bicep 0.2 WVD deployment and Citrix WEM principle of least privilege

News of 20 November 2020

Citrix Web Studio for CVAD services, MSIX Packaging Fundamentals free eBook, EUC Tech Summit and CVA [ ... ]

News of 4 January 2021

Extend Adobe Flash Player EOL, Solution for Citrix ADC DTLS DDOS Attacks and new version Citrix Quic [ ... ]

News of 1 April 2021

Evergreen script, Detecting Citrix Receiver versions with Citrix ADC EPA, Citrix Hypervisor Security update and start WVD VM on Connect.

Manual Winkel published the evergreen script update your software the lazy way.

In the article Detecting older Citrix Receiver versions with Citrix ADC EPA – much more difficult than it sounds Leee Jeffries is describing the struggles to determine the Citrix Receiver version by the Citrix ADC EPA policies.

Citrix announced two security issues in the Citrix Hypervisor.

Microsoft announced the public preview of start VM on Connect for Windows Virtual Desktop.