Anatomy App-V Migration, Public Review AVD Custom Image Template and Citrix ADC/Gateway vulnerability, MS Easy Universal Print and Measuring Latency with Adafruit QT Py

With the article Anatomy of a Migration Project from App-V Tim Mangan is starting a series about migration away from App-V (based on the EOL announcement from Microsoft).

The Public Preview of Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Custom image templates allows admins to build a custom “golden image” with the added capability to include Azure Virtual Desktop built-in customizations as well as your own customization scripts to install other applications or set of configurations.

Citrix announced vulnerabilities in the Citrix ADC/Gateway.

In the article Easy Universal Print With The Revitalized Microsoft 365 Plans Simon Skotheimsvik explains how to set-up MS Easy Universal Print.

Eltjo van Gullik wrote down how to measure input latency with Adafruit QT Py.