GA Policy Modelling Citrix DaaS, Create VMware Service account for Citrix MCS, GA Windows 365 App, Integrate Citrix Resources with VMware Access during migration and Citrix Universal Licensing.

Finally Policy Modelling is general available within Citrix DaaS.

Stephane Thirion published a small but handy script to configure the correct role within VMware vCenter for Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS)  

Microsoft announced the general availability of the Windows 365 App for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Edwin de Bruin and Henry Heres are migrating from a Citrix EUC environment to a VMware EUC environment and shared how Citrix resources can be embedded within the VMware Access Workspace One during the migration phase. Edwin de Bruin is sharing the flows of the setup in the article series Migrating from Citrix Gateway to VMware Access Workspace One while Henry Henres is sharing the technical implementation details of integrating Citrix resources with VMware Access.

Citrix is introducing again a new license model. All information can be found in the article Introducing Citrix Universal Licensing.