Citrix Automated Configuration Tool, Nutanix Technology Champions 2024, What’s New Citrix App Layering 2312 and How to use Citrix FAS PTR possibilities.

In the article Supercharge Your Operations: Unleash Maximum Efficiency with the Citrix Automated Configuration Tool! Mar Muller is describing the capabilities of the Citrix Automated Configuration Tool.

Nutanix announced the Nutanix Technology Champions 2024.

Citrix released App Layering 2023, for all enhancements see What’s New Citrix App Layering 2023.

Julian Mooren has written down methods to use a Primary Refresh Token (PRT) with Citrix Federated Authentication Services (FAS) in the article Citrix Federated Authentication Services and the magical Primary Refresh Token (PRT) – How to get it? What are possible workarounds?