Automate Citrix Persistent VM Migrations on Nutanix, Stop Redirecting Appdata, Citrix NetScaler vulnerability and Citrix Hypervisor vulnerability.

In the article Automating Citrix Persistent VM Migrations across Nutanix Clusters James Kindon is sharing script for moving Citrix persistent VMs across Nutanix Clusters.

Also James Kindon is requesting to stop redirecting several profile folders like AppData. In the article Stop Redirecting AppData. It's no longer the 80's James is describing why you should not do is (anymore) including an overview of which folders make sense or no sense to redirect them.

Citrix is reporting a severe vulnerability on the Citrix NetScaler. If you read this you are actually already way behind, so you should definitely check the articleHackers hijack Citrix NetScaler login pages to steal credentials and update your NetScaler as described in NetScaler ADC and NetScaler Gateway Security Bulletin for CVE-2023-4966 and CVE-2023-4967.

Next to the vulnerability in Citrix NetScaler Citrix also released hotfixes with multiple security updates for Citrix Hypervisor.