EUC State of Union 2023, Image Replication Citrix MCS on Nutanix, vulnerability Citrix Secure Access Client, DevBox v W365 v AVD, Citrix Web Agent Caching, Image Quality W365 Cloud HTML5 Webclient v RD Client and Citrix Optimizer Automation.

In the opinion article EUC State of the Union 2023 Marius Sandbu has written down his thoughts on the current stat of the End User Computing.

James Kindon has shared his code for automation the replication of Citrix MCS Images on Nutanix.

Citrix released a security bulletin for a vulnerability in the Citrix Secure Access Client for Windows.

In the article Difference between DevBox, Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop Marius Sandbu is comparing the three desktop Cloud Solutions of Microsoft.

Improve Environment Stability and Performance with WEM Agent Caching is an interesting article for the administrators using Citrix WEM about the possibilities of the Agent Caching functionality.

Eltjo van Gulik compared the images quality in Windows 365 based with the HTML5 Webclient and the Remote Desktop Client.

Dave Brett is sharing a PowerShell module for Citrix Optimizer Automation.