EUC Profile Buddy, Blocking keyloggers in VMware Horizon, the GenAI Developer as the new VDI use case, ICA file security, new VDI solution for teams and Compare Citrix HDX codecs.

Dave Brett has released EUC Profile Buddy Server, a solution to get more insights of your profiles.

In the article How does blocking Keyloggers in VMware Horizon make your organization more secure? Dominik Jakubowski is describing what the benefits of this feature are and how it looks in practice.

In the opinion article New VDI persona – The GenAI developer? Marisu Sandbu is discussing a possible new use case for VDI usage.

The article of Jonathan Adams about improving ICA file security is already published in the beginning of this month, but I did not see it earlier. A must read for people working with Citrix CVAD.

Microsoft announced the new VDI solution for teams. In the article The future of Microsoft Teams in VDI Fernando Klurfan explains the benefits and the architecture. In the article New VDI solution for Teams the implementation steps are described.

The team of Go EUC published a new article in which they compare the Citrix Codes (H.264, H.265 and AV1) based on a quality analysis.