Recent Citrix VDA Linux Updates, Citrix VDA Update Service, Boot directly to Cloud PC, RDStealer malware and Citrix Data Flow Part 2.

Terry Hou is describing the enhanced administrative experience with the recent Citrix Linux VDA releases.

In the article Citrix VDA Update Service and VDA Upgrade Agent Wendy Gay is describing the functionality of the Citrix VDA Update functionality.

With Windows 365 Boot a PC can be reconfigured as a Thin Client arranging to boot directly in Cloud PC as described by Ola Ström.

Bitdefender detected a new malware as described in the article by Bill Toulas New RDStealer malware steals from drives shared over Remote Desktop.

Thomas Kötzing published part 2 of his data flow with StoreFront Single-FQDN and NetScaler ADC now connecting externally.