Horizon Events using API, VDA Upgrade Service GA, Intune vs Workspace ONE, Citrix VDIs reclamation service, Windows 365 Boot Public Preview, RD Analyzer 2305 and AppUserList utility.

In the article Horizon Events using the REST API Wouter Kursten is sharing his script to gather Horizon Events using the REST API.

Citrix announced the General Availability of the VDA Upgrade Service (hopefully the issues I encountered are solved).

Jon Towles is comparing Microsoft Intune against Workspace ONE UEM.

In the article Reduce your cloud costs with Citrix’s VDI reclamation service is described how tags can be used to determine automatically which VDIs are not used for longer period.

Microsoft announced that Windows 365 is now in public review.

Bram Wolfs released Remote Display Analyzer 2305.

Silvio Balduzzi released the utility AppUserList, which shows which applications are used (within a specified time frame).