Compare Citrix subscriptions, EUC Landscape opinion article, FSLogix 2210 HF4 released, VMware Workstation/Fusion for free, New Teams in Horizon/Citrix, FSLogix Profile disk disconnected and Citrix CTA 2024 class.

On the website of Citrix, a good overview is posted comparing the new Citrix subscription/licenses.

Brian Madden has written an opinion article of the EUC landscape and specifically the state of Citrix and VMware.

Microsoft released the long-awaited Hotfix 4 for FSLogix 2210.

VMware announced that VMware Desktop Hypervisors Workstation and Fusion are free for personal use.

Articles are still being released on how to install the new teams in EUC environments. Thorsten published New Teams as an application in VMware Horizon, while Manual Winkel wrote Install new Microsoft Teams (version 2) in Citrix.

Stefan Beckmann published an in-depth article on FSLogix profile disk disconnected after 10 hours.

Citrix announced the Citrix Technology Advocates (CTAs) 2024 Class.