Citrix: HDX/FAS/Web Studio/EDT/SPA/App Access Control, Using Citrix Optimizer /w BIS-F, App-V EOL, Citrix Input Latency, RDP over untrusted networks and VDI vs Enterprise Browser.

Citrix released a lot of articles on enhancements and/or new features: New Citrix HDX Optimizations for Microsoft Teams, Citrix FAS multi-tenant support for MSPs now available, Citrix Web Studio for On-Prem is here, Tech Preview EDT congestion control, Citrix Secure Private Access (SPA) on-premises general availability and Simplify App & Image Management with Citrix Profile Management’s New App Access Control.

In the article Using Citrix Optimizer with BIS-F Ray Davis explains how to enable the Citrix Optimizer configuration using the BIS-F framework.

Tim Murgent has written down his opinion and thoughts about the Microsoft App-V End of Life announcement.  

The team of Go-EUC now published the article measuring input latency with Citrix HDX.

I think most people in the EUC community already knows that using direct RDP is not a smart and an RDP gateway (or other solution should be used). In the article Never Connect to RDP Servers Over Untrusted Networks this is (logically) confirmed.

The (secure) Enterprise Browser is a something to take into account. Patrick Cobble is providing a kind of comparison between the Enterprise Browser and a VDI.