Troubleshoot Cloud PC connection issue, Microsoft 365 Apps Viewer, AVD Security Guidelines Cheat Sheet, BYO Web Launcher for AVD, Reduce HDX bandwidth usage, Citrix VDA uptime and Citrix DaaS /w MS MSIX.

In the article Troubleshoot Cloud PC connection issue by Claudia Zhou the troubleshooting steps of Cloud PC are described.

Aaron Parker wrote an excellent article discussing the possibility to deploy a single Microsoft 365 Apps Package with the new Viewer/Read-only functionality based on the user license.

Bas van Kaam has published a new cheat sheet: Azure Virtual Desktop Security Guidelines Cheat Sheet.

In the article Build Your Own Web Launcher for AVD John Kelbley is showing how you can integrate AVD applications/desktops in your own webpage.

Muhammed Dawood is announcing a completely new designed Reducer in the HDX communication and how you can currently enable the new one, which should reduce HDX bandwidth usage up to 15%.

Stephane Thirion shares PowerShell code to create a report on the Citrix VDA uptimes.

Citrix and Microsoft worked together to bring the new MSIX format to Citrix DaaS.