Citrix Roadmap 2024 User Experience, ControlUp SecureDX, Export W11 Start layout and Citrix MCS RAM/Disk Cache usage.

In the article Citrix 2024 roadmap: Delivering exceptional user experiences anywhere James Hsu is describing the 2024 Citrix roadmap items around HDX.

ControlUp released a new product Secure DX. ControlUp Secure DX enhances your Digital Employee Experience and boosts endpoint security by providing IT teams with an easy-to-use, real-time detection and remediation solution. With ControlUp Secure DX, you can continuously improve endpoint device security posture and reduce risk caused by vulnerabilities and weak security configurations.

Wolfgang Sommergut has described how to export Windows 11 Start layout and deploy it without Group Policy.

Thomas Koetzing published a script to get the current RAM- and Disk-Cache usage for Citrix Machine Creation Service (MCS) deployed VMs.