Value of Citrix, Citrix Hypervisor vulnerability, integrating CVAD with VMware Workspace One Access, VMware EUC 2312 released, TeamRGE 2024 Event, milestone year for Citrix Linux VDA and AppVentiX 3.7.

In het article Finding the value in your Citrix investment James Kindon is describing the added value of Citrix products/services.

Citrix announced a vulnerability within Citrix Hypervisor.

Edwin de Bruin published an article where he describes another way to integrate Citrix Virtual App and Desktops (CVAD) with VMware Workspace One Access.

VMware released the new versions of their EUC products: What’s New VMware Horizon 8 2312, What’s New VMware App Volumes 4 and What’s New VMware Dynamic Environment Manager 2312

TeamRGE are organizing the TeamRGE 2024 event at 15th of February 2024.

The enhancements of the Citrix Linux VDA in 2023 are summarized in the article A Milestone Year for the Citrix Linux VDA.

The team of AppVentiX announced that AppVentiX 7.3 is released.