Change to Citrix Default Policy Settings, Install/Update Nutanix CE, new EUC Expert community program, automatic vMotion GPU enabled VM, VHDX for Citrix App Layering User Layers, import/export variables Bicep and beneficial upgrade Azure VM SKU.

Carl Webster updated his overview of changes within the Citrix Default Policy Settings with the CVAD 2311 update.

Jeroen Thielen published article for Installing Nutanix Community Edition (CE) on VMware ESXi/vSphere and Update Nutanix Community Edition to The Latest Versions. He also published several Nutanix SSH Scripts.

Based on the current developments for the VMware EUC division the VMware EUC vExpert community program will become the EUC Expert program.

Within vSphere 8.0 U2 arranged automatic vMotion evacuation of vGPU enabled VMs, the exact steps are described by Stephen Wagner.

Rob Zylowski is mentioning that Citrix App Layering User Layers is now supporting the VHDX format including his User Layer Management Utility.

Freek Berson is explaining how to exporting and importing variables between Bicep files.

Leee Jeffries published the very interesting article Is it beneficial for you to upgrade your Azure VM SKU to the next version?