Last day of E2EVC Berlin 2019 Already. My experiences are written in the blog.

The day started with the presentation of Rachel Berry about client virtualization. Rachel started with a bit of history of client virtualization with XenClient and continued with (MS) Privileged Access  Workstation. She continued with the hypervisor types (Type 1 and Type 2) and the rings of an operating system. Rachel came back to the model of XenClient, followed the XenClient history and XenClient problems. Next topic were the todays client virtualization offerings (Hysolate, Bromium, Qubes OS, SecureView). Interesting to see that there are still products out there in this market.

Second and last session I attended before I headed back home again was VDI by Day – Compute by Night provided by Johan van Amersfoort.  Johan started with some history and about his other project running an F1 simulator game in a virtualized desktop. This lead to introduction of the project of this session. Johan is explaining the big difference between CPU and GPU architecture (CPU build for anything for, less  latancy, GPU for a specific task / throughput). Johan mentioned the requirements for this project and usergroups. As the majority of the people are working between 9 and 5, the other hours lots of resources are available. Johan is describing the stack being used where the High Performance (HPC) Workloads were run next to virtual desktops. Johan discussed some of the challenges they had during the project.

Again a great event, nice atmosphere, interesting sessions, good weather and last not but not least all the wonderful E2EVC “Family”.