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Pre Citrix Synergy: Geak Speak

It's getting an tradition to start Citrix Synergy with Geek Speak live on the day before. My experiences of the Geek Speak event.

Citrix Geak started with the first session about Consumerization of IT with Harry Labana, Rick Dehlinger, Jim Moyle, Gabe Knuth, Brad Petersen and Shawn Bass. It started with trying to see if consumerization is already in practise and the opinion of the team on stage.

The discussion is good, but difficult to blog about it. 

With some comments on the public about surgery via the cloud (buy the materials via e-bay and use youtube to do the surgery) and BYOD some misconsumptions about the consumerization of IT came in view.

Also a question that the iPad is causing the consumerization is leading to good statements. The whole team thinks that the iPad is not causing the consumerization. Another comment is there where the responsibility of devices should be and this is causing that working will be a 24 Hour task.

The topic went to data, securing data and which challenges are there. It's almost impossible to secure data 100%. Discussion continued with a discussion between Simon Crosby and Ed Lacobucci.

The panel tried to get the discussion back to which solutions are available and it comes back to that you want to use an application and if that's only available on running on Windows. It's all about legacy applications that need to be used. Public commented running XenApp on iPad because it's more secure than an local devices. According to Shawn data is not more secure in data centers than an a local device. 

The last part was about solutions and what the requirements are. Some nice opinions were reflected about topics like encryption, seperating data and applications, securing which data is going out, the cloud (in the good way). 

Second topic is about Cloud Optimism, Pessimism and Reality. The panel is moderated by Chris Rogers and exists of Tim Mangan, Simon Corsby, Joe Shonk, Douglas Brown and Steve Greenberg. The session started with a definition of cloud, loved the opinion of Douglas. Again Simon was really attractive. Great discussion started between Timco, Alexander and Simon about business data and data on and risk of FaceBook. 

They discussed with trusting the cloud. Simon started with the point that anyone knows a break into Amazon and that many private data centers are less secure. Again there is no 100% secury, the link between the cloud and consumerization. 

The cloud will be interested befor small and medium markets, which don't have the ability to manage and build their own infrastructure according to Steve. His example that the service provider just do it a bit better for a bit of less money and that's is good enough. 

The discussion ended with the future of the cloud. Both Tim as Simon thinks the cloud will be the future with happy sheeps. According to Douglas everything will be the same. Ask for the story about 1,5 Million for a happy sheep @thazelaar. End of Geak Speak.