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MVP Summit 2014

Although I’m already a MVP since 2007 it was actual the first time I could attend the MVP summit. As the MVP summit is a NDA event I cannot mention much detail are discussed during the sessions. Nevertheless I wrote down my experiences which I can share in this blog item.

First of all I’m really impressed of the whole logistics organizing this event. I understood this year it was the largest amount of MVPs ever who visited the MVP summit. Nevertheless everything is running smoothly. Also it’s cool to visit the enormous Microsoft Campus. But logically it’s all about the sessions.

Almost every MVP group is running his own program; some allow other MVP groups into their sessions. The RDS group allowed that other MVPs could join our sessions. On the first day however we mostly were with RDS MVPs only. Many of the content of day one was were around the announcements made during TechEd Europe 2014 last week in Barcelona. Partly this was a pity as the content we got was already public, especially those we were at TechEd. However logically we there were some good discussions about the content. We started with Multipoint and which way they were going. Instead of a separate product it will be integrated within the normal Server editions as a role (as already can be seen in the Tech Preview). Secondly we discussed deploying RDS roles in Microsoft Azure and Private Cloud based. The public information can be found in the TechEd presentation Deploying Remote Desktop Services Roles in Microsoft Azure and Private Cloud. One of the best sessions was a discussing with Klaas Langhout in a QA format. One of the other topics was enhancements in RemoteFX coming in vNext. Some information about is already available public via the Teched Session Investments in Remote Desktop Services. The last session was by Brad Anderson, which I found really informative. I was amazed about the amount of knowledge of Brad about the technical content and the strong vision he talked about. After that we had a dinner on the Microsoft Campus (there is complete foodcourt on the campus) with the RDS MVP group. Time to discuss the first day and other topics around the desktop and application virtualization

The second day started good with a Azure RemoteApp session. The only used 10 minutes to do a quick walkthrough of Azure RemoateApp based on the presentation Introduction of Azure RemoteApp and then asked about feedback on several topics. It was also remarkable that this session was a full room, with all other of MVP groups represented. The second and third session of the day was full of NDA material about Azure RemoteApp so I cannot tell anything about it right now. After that we actually got a session about App-V 5 SP3 and UE-V 2.1 that also was provided at TechEd, . Happily after this session we got Benny (Tritsch) and Tim (Mangan) on stage presenting their session RDS Enterprise Challenges. Benny started explaining setting-up a RDS infrastructure and which challenges you have on components like RD Connection Broker (SQL server requirements), User Settings management, Pooled VMs versus Private VMs, RD Gateway (directly communicates with AD), vGPU support, Licensing and so on. After that Tim took over with the starting point “it’s all about the data, apps are just access”, followed by showing the products/solutions in the Microsoft stack and all act differently. Tim continued with the techniques: Object Access Manipulation (Redirection, renaming), Object Storage Manipulation (caching, spoofing) and Containerization (Virtualization, Docker/Bromium). Tim also asks for an option within Visual Studio to create an App-Package, followed by App-V Needs according to Tim (easier package manipulation, Deployment Goo, manage all data).

The last and third day started with an interesting session about the RDP clients, the information shared is NDA so no additional information. The last specific RDS session of the MVP Summit was my second and last session of this day. This was a Group Panel Discussion and you already get, this was fully NDA. After that I visited the campus including the Microsoft Store. The official MVP Summit ended with a party in Fremont Studios with as theme superheroes.