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E2EVC 2013 Copenhagen Day 3

Last day of E2E 2013 Copenhagen already. Just like the second day the first sessions started at 8:15. As that were again good sessions lots of people were there again, just as me. You can find my experiences of this day in this blog.


I started with the session of Christa Anderson about User Profiles. She started with explaining the purpose and the history of User Profiles. She discusses the last-write win principle, followed by the user profile disk, which she explained how it works (only available with Session Host or Pooled VDI). Christa continued with UE-V, explaining the way it works. UE-V can be worked together with roaming profiles and folder redirection. The session was around discussing the techniques with their advantages, disadvantages and real-experiences. 


The second session was Simon Barnes with NetScaler - Experiences from the field.  Simon started with the different types of NetScaler available. Simon mentioned some things that could go wrong (poor performance, high switch CPU utilisation, 0 network connectivity, incorect network access, loss faith in solution). Simon advises to get the network team involved and shared some tips (check the DuCUG blog, where he wrote those all down). Next topic were the acronyms in the networkspace, compared with the names Citix is using. Simon explaint the different possible network architectures in combination with the NetScaler. Simon continued with HA (no addtional license, two device licenses are required, VPX/MPX cannot be combined, no automatic fail-back, keep GARP in minded). HA Tips: turn off HA monitoring,    do not turn off HA-State-Change, INC stops network synchronisation (use it when needed). When do a change disable propogation, complete change, test and enable propogation again. Simon continued with case studies out of the real life experiences, followed by setting-up a GLSB. 


I also attended Jim Moyle's session about storage improvements in vSphere 5.1. Jim started explaining the issues: early birds, neighbours noice, explaing that average is not good enough. Next topic was the comparision between VFMS-3 and VFMS-5. Also the upgrade path and considriations are discussed. Jim also described VAAI primitives and possibilities within the different versions of vSphere and VCAI (TP in VMware View 5.2). Jim is discussing the possiblity to limit the IOPS of the disks of the VM. Next topic was discussing if DRS of any kind useful for VDI, with some great feedback out of the audiance, followed by the enhancements of DRS in vSphere 5.1. Also Storage vMotion enhancements were on the topic list. Jim explained in detail about space efficient sparse virtual disks. Jim mentioned as an alternative for spare disks: sdelete. Only available for View Linked Clones with HW9. 


After Jim session I hold my session about the other features of RDS: User Profile Disk and Fair Share resources. I hope who's attended enjoyed the session. Actually my session was the last officially break-out session of the event.


I needed to leave pretty quickly after that, so catch my plane back. I really enjoyed this E2EVC event again. Although some session were a bit to high level or even a bit commercial, this was compensated by other wonderful sessions and the networking and talking with the great group of guys and ladies who are attending this event. Already looking forward to the next event in Rome, autumn 2013.