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E2E VC Londen 2011 Day 3

Day three of E2E VC started again at 9:00 o'clock with a session of Alex comparing XenApp with RDS functionality. I just entered at the end of the session.

Second session was by Fred Klomp about RES VDX (Virtual Desktop Extender). He started with the history of the product and the reasons why the product can be used (applications that need to run on a fat client, while displaying the screens within the RDS Session). With a movie and some print screens how the product works and continued after that with the components of the product.

After Alex thanking everybody between the session we continued with a session of Ronnie Isherwood about System Centre Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012. The session started with an overview of the product. Ronnie discussed the cluster-aware feature, upgrade path and the powershell cmdlets. He continued with the so called fabric management (hyper-v bare metal provisioning, hyper-v, vSphere, XenServer, Network Management, Storage Management, Update Management/WSUS integration, Dynamic Optimization, Power Management and Monitoring Integration). Next topic was the infrastructure of the product (Management Servers, Library Server, Self-Service Portal Server, App Controller Server, SQL Server, WDS [for bare mental depoymen], WSUS). Ronnie started a discussion about using different hypervisor vendors in one infrastructure and the reasons why this scenarios are available. Next topic was the integration with XenServer. A Integration pack (created by Citrix) need to be added on every XenServer (XenServer is not required). Followed by the vSphere integration. A vCenter is required, the datastructure is not imported anymore one by one). The session ended with troubleshooting tips: DNS is critical, also time settings are important). Ronnie was assisted by Carsten en Faidann with answering the questions and showing a bare metal deployment video created by Carsten. Good additions by those guys to this session.

After this session we started a pre Geak Speak Live with playing the game TechHead. We had really much fun with this game. We also created a small video for the Norway Citrix User Group which has their event next week. The event was tremendous this time. Very good sessions, nice people and a good atmosphere.
A pity that getting back from the event is a real bad movie. Lots of flights were cancelled (including mine to Antwerp) and they were not willing to cooperate to change my destination to Amsterdam, which actually departed. I'm now on the ferry, so I'm sure that I will be home tomorrow.