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Dutch Citrix User Group launched

More than two years ago I met Edwin Houben to start-up a Dutch Citrix User Group. We had good ideas, but a lack of time and resources we never got the chance to really get it going on.  In October 2011 the Dutch Citrix User Group was restarted with a brainstorm session with logically Edwin and five other great guys (Kees Baggerman, Ingmar Verheij, Remko Weijnen, Jon Jager and Barry Schiffer). We restarted the Dutch Citrix User Group (DUCUG) after several successful launches of Citrix User Groups (CUGS) in nearby countries.

Today (the first of December) is the official start of the DUCUG with the launch of the DUCUG website and the announcement of our first FREE event. The event will take place on the 10th of February 2012. It will be a kind of try-out, so we have limited seating available. Out of the persons who registered we will invite the people to join this first event. So register for the event on the DUCUG website today. We are regretting that we cannot invite everyone this time. But we are sure this try-out will be big success and we will organize larger events in the nearby future where we can facilate more people. Follow us via the website, on twitter @DUCUG or LinkedIn.