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Citrix Technology Exchange 2013

Citrix Benelux held the Citrix Technology Exchange on Tuesday the 25 of June in the old Van Nelle fabric in Rotterdam. We as the DuCUG were partner of this event, so all steering group members were attending this event. Logically I blogged my experience of this event.


Andres van Wingerden opened the event with the announcement of the release of Xenserver 6.2 and the explaination why XenServer is given to the open source community (cloud solutions should not be connected to a specific vendor) and the new features of this version. Andreas continued with the results of the research about mobility in the Netherlands. Challenges are security, risks and dataprivacy. Also companies said in the survery there is a need for an enterprise (not device specific) appstore (so Mac, tabblet, PC and smart phone). Andreas continued with the envolvement of Citrix to a full Workplace portfolio based on Mobile Workforce and Mobile Workplace. With the change of the workstyle strategies you should think off Flex-Work, Enterprise App Stores, BYOD, Next Gen Workplaces and Workforce Mobility. With this topic Andreas mentioned which product fullfills which needs.

Andreas continued with XenDesktop 7 which will be released before the end of June 2013. Logically Andreas mentioned the architecture FMA as the only architecture and the most important charasteristics (automated install/deploy, XenDesktop studio console [design and build]/XenDesktop Director [monitor and support], HDX Insight, Windows Server 2012 support, SCCM 2012 support, App-V 5 full integration, AppDNA analyzing [only] integrated, HDX Mobile, Mobile SDK for HDX Mobile). The session continued with a demo by Guillaume le Trant of the HDX Mobile possibilities. Next topic was the GPU and vGPU enhancements in XenDesktop 7. Andreas continued with the available editions of XenDesktop, the App edition is added for RDS only solutions, followed by the announcment of a the release of Feature Pack 2 of XenApp 6.5 including the new features. Andreas also mentioned that there are feature differences between XenApp 6.5 and XenDesktop 7 for RDS solutions. Also the DesktopPlayer for Mac was mentioned, advantages according to Andreas are single image management and BYO scenarios. Tech Preview is already available.

XenMobile was the next topic,especially the enterprise editions features. Also WorkxMail, WorxWeb and ShareFile were mentioned and explained including that there are 80 Worx-enabled apps. XenMobile is also available as MDM edition, which has his use cases according to Andreas and App Edition (only application management). The session continued with a demo of the XenMobile solution.

After the demo Andreas continued with ShareFile. The StorageZones were discussed (on-premises storage option), followed by the StorageZone Connectors (connect directly to existing files in SharePoint and network drives including editing). Also ShareFile was demoed by Guillame. Andreas continued that ShareFile StorageZone connectos is available for Microsoft Azure.

Next was the NetScaler portfolio. Andres mentioned that NetScaler is not really known within organizations, so he explained shortly what a NetScaler does and the triscale scalability. Andreas is mentioning that the NetScaler can be used to optimalize Microsoft solutions/services like Lync, SQL server, SharePoint and Exchange.

Last topic was Citrix CloudPlatform and Apache CloudStack. It started with how Amazon is working on a high level and the costs per service. Andreas continued with current devolopments: surprises will be there, don't own stuff, invisible (too much to do within time), secure and things are changing/embrace changes.

The Technology Exchange event was all about the announcements made during Citrix Synergy a month ago, however most of the annoucements were discussed more in-depth and were placed in the actual full context. It was a good update for those who did not attended Citrix Synergy or only saw the keynote and did not read additional information about the annoucements. Overall it was a good update of the new important topics within the Citrix world, I only hoped there were more demos especially of XenDesktop 7.