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Citrix Synergy 2016 Day 1

After two days of unbelievable but also exhausting CTP meeting days Citrix Synergy is really starting. The day starts logically with a general keynote. Just as the last years I will blogging my experiences of Citrix Synergy on a daily basis.

The keynote was opened by Tim Minaham Citrix CMO. Tim started with some general remarks followed by the three candidates for the innovation awards. Tim introduces Kirill Tatarinov Citrix CEO on stage. Kirill started with a small history of his career, followed by the four important pillars according to Kirill (Cloud, Mobile, Big Data Analytics, IoT). Kirill is describing the transformation of Citrix to a solution company.

We are getting to the major annoucnements by Kirill: XenDesktop/XenApp 7.9 and XenServer 7 with Intel Iris Pro GPU support, Citrix HDX Ready Pi, NetScaler CPX, NetScaler Management and Analytics Systems, ShareFile Integration with MS Office 365, ShareFile Rights Management Capabilities, native integration between Sharefile and XenApp/XenDesktop, NetScaler SD-WAN integrated with XenApp and XenDesktop HDX. Next it was time for the first demo. The demo shows the integration of ShareFile with XenApp/XenDesktop, the possibilities of XenMobile Secure Forms and they are touching the HDX Ready Pi as well as the connecting device. The demo continued with logging via the NetScaler Gateway with 2 factor authentication (which did not work unfortunately), but they managed around and starting a Skype for Business session running on a virtualized XenDesktop/XenApp session. Unfortunate the demo failed, because the session did not start. I must admit that the picked up the failure well.

It’s time for probably the biggest announcements of this keynote: a renewed partnership with Microsoft. Via a video Satya Nadella introduces the new partnership Microsoft, while Kirill goes inot more detail (aligning MS EMS & Intune and XenMobile & NetScaler, integrating network identiy between NetScaler and Azure and XenDesktop VDI delivering a Win 10 Desktop as a service for the cloud on Azure).

Next Kirill is sitting with three Citrix customers, which are introducing their selves and has some talk about how IT is working in their company. I must say that I found this part not really interesting, maybe for the executives in the audience. After the talk a video was shown a customer talking about the Citrix Cloud. The video introduces a talk of Kirill about the movement of Citrix products into the Citrix Cloud, also new opportunities are possible introduced as Workspaces as a Service. The keynote was pretty short, after 1 ½ hour the keynote was already done.

After the keynote it is a tradition that it’s time to check the sponsors for a few hours. I did my round and spoke with several sponsors, some well-known but also some new companies as well. Also this is perfect time to get connected to some (old) friends.

After the lunch I had three Match.Geek sessions. In those session of 1/2 hour we are discussing all kind of topics. It was the first time I did those session and I really liked being the host of these sessions. There were some hot topics like monitoring Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp infrastructures, Disaster Recovery, persistent versus non-persistent and so on. Thanks for attending.

After het Match.Geek I talked again with some good friends and it was already time for the opening reception. During this reception I was on the booth of Atlantis signing the Ultimate Desktop Virtualization best practices guide as a contributor of the book. Really enjoyed the signing session, which also ended day 1 of Citrix Synergy 2016 for me.