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Citrix Synergy 2012 US Day 3

Last day of Citrix Synergy 2012 US experiences.


Day three started with a meeting with the TaaS team about their service. Good meeting where the feedback is really appreciated. 

I could take one session before flighing back. I jumped into 5 approaches for BYOD. Chris Fleck was on stage at that time discussing the mobile hypervisor with his cons ans pros. He continued with describing the mobility pack and project goldengate (secure e-mail). Goldengate is available, but not supported officially by Citrix. Also CloudGateway was mentioned and some other techniques. Next JackIntheBox came on stage explaining their implementation starting with the benefits (access to data and reporting on the fly, access to applications from any device improved services). Next topic was lessons learned (support plan [what and who], user documentation, internal/external access, network segmentation). Chris Fleck asked some questions about the challenges they had and how the BYOD is adopted. They also have a PC or a Thin Client for every employee available. There were some questions about support of the user devices which cannot connect to the Citrix infrastructure , about policy for locking the workstations (policy implemented on XenApp/XenDesktop), resistence of the users not getting support on their user device, implementation method (top-down, so executives first), no data on local devices, best practices for the BYOD, conference rooms, devices owned by who, device wipes and so on. Some good questions, which gave good insides organizations are struggling with BYOD.

After this session it was time to check-out the hotel and get to the airport. Enjoyed this Citrix Synergy a lot. Good (CTP) meetings and sessions, meeting some nice/good new people (or first see the people in real life) and logically talk to all known people.