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Citrix Synergy 2011 EU Day 2

Day two of Citrix Synergy started with my co presentation in the session Best Practices for Migrating to the latest version of Citrix XenApp 6.5. For those attended I hope you enjoyed the session and can use the information provided.

After that I attended the session Meet the new technologies in Citrix Cloudgateway Express, which will be superseding the current Web Interface. Cloudgateway Express is a modern replacement for legacy Web Interface, Enables self service upgrade to Receiver, Follow-Me Windows apps/desktops, easy install in minutes, no hardware required (windows services). The session continued with the components of Cloudgateway Expresss. A comparision was mad between the current situation with the new Cloudgateway components, where within Cloudgateway the components are used for all services. Store Services will be public SDK so you can add your own objects. The authentication services also arranges the Single Sign On (SSO) feature and can be extended with other authentication mechanism (federation, access gateway). The whole authentication process was explained in a easy and understandable way with several scenarios. Next topic is Receiver for Web which is based on static HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a comparable UI as other receivers. The receiver is download from the StoreFront Services Detection and Download Service is still available for example determining HDX capabilities. Merchandising Servers hasn't got away as is still available as separate appliance, other ways are using download from Citrix or the Web Reciever and a Provisioning Files  (this was explained in more detail). The session continued with the migration scenarios, which can be a phased approach (nothing really new). Available and upcoming SDK's are were discussed like Receiver SDK, Receiver for Web SDK, authentication SDK and store SDK including some examples. The session ended with a summary (StoreFront services Is the future, designed to be extensible, WI is not dead yet, not just about web anymore) and some Q&A.

During lunch I finally found some time to visit some of the booths at the Expo hall. In some strange way the Expo hall is opened late, this morning at 10:00 it was still closed.

After lunch I attended What's new in XenApp 6.5 The session preferences were mentioned when I jumped it a few mintues late as session prelaunch, lingering and fast reconnect including a demo. Next topic is faster HDX performance over the WAN (advances in HDX WAN optimization and HDX mediastream optimize HDX traffic, highly response up to 300ms network latency, compresses, caches and prioritizes traffic using Receiver for Windows and Linux), showing the flash capabilities next to eachother XenApp 6 and XenApp 6.5 demo and the difference between client and serverside rendering). Next topic was multistream ICA (granular quality of service for ICA). Next topic Enhanced Desktop Experience (Win 7 look and feel for hosted shared desktops). Citrix Receiver was mentioned briefly. Desktop Director was the next topic as the unified view for the service desk providing information analysis. Briefly Power Capacity Management (Hyper and ESX support), HDX Policy Templates and Migration Center were also mentioned. Also the session was already running out of time the XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack  was described. Lat sheet was really cool, because it shows my current poll on my website with the best features in XenApp 6.5.

After another two meeting I jumped again a bit late into a session named What's new in XenDesktop 5.5. The topic already running was the possibility to enable the Windows 7 look and feel  on a Citrix XenApp servers. After the session continued with the ringcube acquisition which lead to the Personal vDisk. The way the personal vDisk is being used and how it's fit in. Also the actual implementation was shown via some screenshots. After ringcube Intellicache was the next topic, followed by again some XenApp 6.5 features like Session PreLaunch. Not really what I expected from this session actually. Now the Citrix Gloudway is on the slides again. Continue with the Desktop Director explanation. Now Derek Thorslund is on stage, hopefully this brings some more attraction. Logically Derek talks about HDX and starts with some basic information, followed by Citrix Receiver with an overview which Receiver has which HDX features available. Logically the Windows client is the richest feature, but good sheet with an overview. Now the enhancement on HDS are described: MediaStream (Flash Redirection over WAN and Linux devices and improved video over WAN), RealTIme (multistream ICA, Branch Repeater support, reduction latency for VOIP-over-ICA, Cisco adoption of Citrix SDK), RichGraphics (adaptive display, remoteFX support, Aero Redirection to rich content, optimization pack for Google Earth, enhancements to HDX 3D Pro). Now Derek ending the session with upcoming technologies (HDX enhancements in Citrix Mobiles Receiver, lower cost HDX Ready thin clients, server scalability optimizations, local app access feature [reverse seamless], vendor adoption of the Citrix SDK and Windows 8 supp