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Radeoffline.mdb in CSP4.5

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In Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 the most impressive feature is the Citrix Streaming Server (formerly known as Project Tarpon). Citrix Streaming Server introduces Application Streaming to the Citrix portfolio. A Citrix Presentation can be both the Streaming Server (so workstations can stream applications from the Presentation Server) as the streaming client (application will be streamed to the Citrix Presentation Server). With the Streaming Server there is a possibility to use application in offline mode (the application is streamed to the workstation and can be used without any network connection).

When an application is configured for offline usage and a user streams that application the radeoffline.mdb will be updated and will show an entry with the checkout time stamp and the grace period assigned to that user. In our case we are using Citrix Ardence OS Streaming for building the Citrix servers. With Ardence OS Streaming you are creating an image of one server. That read-only image with the operating system on it will be streamed to other servers, so we would like to have the servers as clean as possible.

During testing we found out that the database should be available otherwise the IMA service would not start. This means that the IMA service is taking care of the offline registration of streamed applications. Because the corresponding DNS file contains the computer name we would like to recreate this database with the actual computer name (the machine that is using the image). But you also imagine situations that the database is corrupt and because of that the IMA service can not be started. Fortunately this can be done very easily with Citrix tool "dsmaint". Just like you can recreate the Local Host Cache Citrix added a command for recreating the RadeOffline. Just type the syntax dsmaint recreaterade on the command prompt and the database is recreated.