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Citrix Machine Creation Services Demystified Part ...

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Citrix Machine Creation Services Demystified Part ...

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Citrix Synergy 2018 Day 1

After arriving on Sunday in Anaheim and Monday a day of of Citrix CTP meetings Citrix Synergy 2018 i [ ... ]

First look at the HDX Ready Pi: Enterprise Ready?

At Citrix Synergy 2016 Citrix announced that ViewSonic and Micro Center have manufactured a HDX Ready Pi. This is a Raspberry Pi in a nice case including ThinLinx configured, so the Pi is ready to be used as a Thin Client without any software installation. With ThinLinx you can also the Thinlinx Managent Server to configure the Pi remotely. Citrix thinks the Pi is a nice alternative for a regular Thin Client for low costs (around $ 99). As a Citrix CTP we all got one HDX Ready Pi (thanks Chris Fleck). So after Synergy I was pretty enthusiastic about the Pi as a Thin Client and I would definitely to test the Pi and see if the device can already be used as a Thin Client within (Enterprise) companies.

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For years, thin clients are being used for connecting to Terminal Server and Citrix Presentation Server/XenApp farms. For a profit from using the Server Based Computing concept, the fat client should be replaced by a so-called thin client. A fat client required quite a lot of effort to administrate and maintain with a virus scanner, hot fixes and so on.  A thin client includes a small operating system requiring minimal maintenance. It used to be too costly to throw away fat clients, because of the investment made in these workstations. Then someone came up with the idea of converting fat clients into a kind of thin client. Although transferring a workstation to a thin client was not very difficult, there was a big wish for a centralized management of these converted workstations for those small updates and maintenance that should be made.

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When organizations are implementing Server Based Computing one of the main reasons is to reduce the costs on the fat clients. One of the possibilities is to rebuild the current fat clients to thin clients using a software solution. Mainly those software products are based on Linux based operating systems which auto starts the ICA session. A possible disadvantage of these products is the knowledge of the IT department about Linux systems and how to support these. If you still would like to use Windows or other Windows Operating System like Windows 9x or even DOS a Norwegian company developed a Thin Client solution which runs on Microsoft Operating Systems. In this review we will take a look at these products called ThinWin and ICADOS.

First take a look at ThinWin product.

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2X ThinClientServer V4.1

On VanBragt.Net SBC Centre already reviews are available for other 2X Product like the 2X Load Balancer and the 2X Application Server. But the first product released is their ThinClient Server product. With the product you can easily change your existing computer into thin client connecting to your SBC infrastructure or use low cost thin clients. With 2X ThinClient Server you can centrally manage and configure those machines.

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